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Saturday, August 10, 2019

How to Breed Guinea Pigs

Baca Juga
Breed guinea pigs, you will notice that the reason most people don't breed their pigs is just that they won't have enough area for all the new little guinea pig babies. Also, most everyone knows that they do not have the money or perhaps time to support multiple brand-new pups in their guinea swine run. If you would like to breed guinea pigs make sure you check out each of our information below.

Breed Guinea Pigs


Firstly you need to check that there are not many other breeders in your area. This can be the same as any business like there is an oversupply you are not able to sell all of your guinea pigs.

Make sure that you have an excellent knowledge of guinea pigs since you are going to have to talk a lot to potential buyers about guinea mouse care and guinea mouse habits. You will need to explain to these people exactly how they need to care-acquired their new pet. A fantastic thing to do is to supply associated with a list when they obtain a guinea pig off you. Another thing to remember to include with this list is what foods the guinea pigs can and cannot eat. This is an important and useful thing to do while no one would like to poison all their new pet by accident.

A lot of guinea pigs die annually due to improper care or simply just because their owners have a breed of dog too many. A good idea is to locate some families or individuals who want to buy you new guinea pigs before you also begin to breed them. In this way, you know that your new guinea mouse babies will have a safe and sound and loving home to attend.


The age a female ought to be before she gives labor and birth is at least four to six a few months.

You should try to keep your breeding simply because close to nature as possible. This will likely ensure healthy babies. Women guinea pig cycle is true of around sixteen days, though your female will only manage to mate for between 8-10 and twenty-four hours of that.

The best way to tell that a male is aroused is when he decreases his head and moves towards the female. This is not a random walk but that you entice the female to join his love dance.

Guinea boars will make a rumbling sound. This is a very specific noise and does not be alarmed in the event you hear it. The male's bottom will also sway from side to side once in a while.

Some male guinea domestic swine will even perform a mating boogie. In this case, they will place the front legs on virtually any object available and move about trying to attract the female. These types of movements may include side to side waving, swaying, and wiggling.

This may be a very entertaining spectacle to look at however this is a carefully tuned process that has progressed over hundreds of years to produce the very best results possible for the types. So if you feel the need to chuckle maybe it is polite to leave the room.

When a feminine is interested in the male she could begin to squeak with lots of excitement and anxiety. These kinds of squeaks will get louder seeing that the male gets closer to her.

Sometimes the female guinea mouse will not be interested. This may be mainly because she is not currently about the heat or it might certainly not be the right time in her cycle. What she will carry out if this is the case is clicked at the male or even attack him. If he is incredibly persistent she may even go to the bathroom in his face to decrease him.

Sometimes the female guinea pig will be more ready compared to the male. If this is the case the lady might do the same as you in walking towards him in a very deliberate way. Her head will be down and her bottom will be aiming in the air slightly.

If a male guinea pig is being genuinely forward she may support against the male. This is an indication for him to install her. This is a very prevalent event so do not end up being nervous if she appears to be behaving in a way you have under no circumstances seen her behave. May worry the guinea swine know what they are doing.

A male guinea pig works extremely well as a stud. A male guinea pig can easily mate with up to five females in one period if they happen to be all available to him inside the guinea pig run. Nevertheless, I don't think you will need that many guinea pigs.

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