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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Low Energy Cat Breeds

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Low energy cat breeds, there might be various reasons why a low strength or naturally lazy feline might be the perfect match for your home. They may need to use most of their time in the property because it isn't safe to look outside where you live. You may stay in an apartment so there isn't an excessive amount of house to run around in. You may want a cat that is quiet and cuddly rather than lively and playful. Whatever the reason, the good thing is that several breeds will perfectly fit the bill.


In terms of looks, the Persian is at a category of its own having its beautiful longhaired coat, a remarkable range of colors and sweet facial features. Despite the ball of fluff look, Persians are solid and buff beneath all that hair consequently can run around nevertheless choose not to. They are possibly the calmest breed in general and like to receive love and attention. They are good to members of the household consisting of children and other animals. Yet, the main issue with them may be their longhaired coat, which in turn needs daily grooming, repeated baths and can aggravate hypersensitivity for those who suffer.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is a Persian with a brief rather than longhaired coat. They may have the same cute squashed deal with features and are calm and quiet as their longhaired friends. They don't need the amount of grooming that the Persian does indeed but retain all the other famous characteristics of the parent canine. Despite their quiet demeanor, they are also quite athletic hence will enjoy climbing toys and cat perches.


The Himalayan is another member of the Persian family and is a type established by crossing it together with the Siamese. The result is a cat that looks a lot like the Local with a long and delicious coat but has a more noticeable vocalization and the pointed layer pattern of the Siamese. These kinds of cats tend to be relaxed and well behaved, experiencing to play but not too high strength. They are also good with other pets or animals and children.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is known as a compact, shorthaired cat particular breed that is playful and brilliant but not overly so. That they like to play with toys with the owners but just as much to cuddle up and have a fuss. They are particularly very good with kids and other household pets so if there are sometimes in the household, this breed of dog may be ideal.


The Ragdoll gets its name certainly not from its looks but from the behavior - it has an odd habit when picked up of going limp like a ragdoll in the person's arms. Along with this odd behavior, they can be placid and quiet felines that are very affectionate and like to play but must be around people most of their very own time, so not superb when people go out to job all day. They are also very wise and learn tricks in a dog-like manner such as fetching a toy or coming whenever called.

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